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This design of the A2K 1799 glove features a sharp color contrast of black and walnut, giving the player a baseball glove as good looking as their backhanded grab. All the Wilson A2K’s features work together to provide the same core benefit: a truly long lasting glove that breaks in as quickly as possible. First up is the palm construction. A thin, strategically-cut piece of leather is placed between the palm liner and outer shell, providing maximum pocket stability and a quicker break in. Second in the lineup is a unique manufacturing experience. The top 5% of Pro Stock hides are triple sorted for consistency and flawlessness, then tanned specifically for the A2K. With these gloves, a master technician have spent three-times more time pounding and shaping by hand at the factory. This ends up reducing break-in time for you. Thin strips of the Pro Stock leather are skived thin and rolled to provide a long-lasting shape. This is a 12.75" glove with a Reinforced Dual-Post Web.
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