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This product can be shipped to US and Puerto Rico addresses ONLY. The updated DeMarini CF5 is the lightest swinging bat to date in the DeMarini lineup. It's also their most technologically advanced bat, specifically created to optimize the barrel's balance and sweet spot. It starts with Demarini's Geo Internal End Cap, filled with load-balancing triangles to maintain barrel stiffness and provide a smooth feel. This two-piece endcap is designed to reduce vibration while pushing the energy to the sweet spot for more power. Speaking of the sweet spot, this bat has two composite walls, separated by DeMarini Flex Film to allow them to act independently and give maximum trampoline effect. This delivers a dynamic hitting surface with a bigger sweet spot and more power, even on off-center hits. Made with DeMarini's TR3 Composite. This naturally chaotic, random fusing of carbon fibers creates a more compact carbon, enabling a stronger and lighter bat than ever before. Allowing for more evenly distributed weight, this bat produces faster bat speeds so you can generate even more power. Available in 29"-32" lengths with a -8 weight ratio. To contact a manufacturer about a warranty, please refer to our Bat Warranty Manufacturer Contact List .
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